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E.O. 12958: N/A

1. In response to G/TIP inquiries, national and
international media sources published the following articles
about TIP in Turkey. Text of articles originally published
in Turkish is provided through unofficial Embassy

2. Reported by Aksam on Thursday, March 2:

TITLE: "The Cat," sought by red bulletin, captured while

BEGIN TEXT: Ukrainian Deniz B., who was sought for an
incident in which a Russian girl was raped, was captured
while she was shopping in an operation dubbed "Cat" against
a human trafficking network.

Deniz B. has been sought by Ukrainian officials for human
trafficking, and a red bulletin (international arrest
warrant) was issued by Interpol. According to allegations,
two months ago Deniz brought a Russian girl to Ejder T., who
was arrested during "Operation Cat". The Russian girl was
raped by Ejder T.'s men. She was sold to other men. The
Russian girl managed to escape from the house she was kept
in and told police what she lived through.

The Foreigners' Police found out that Deniz's name was also
mentioned in "Operation Cat," conducted ten days ago. She
had been bringing women to Ejder T. from the Ukraine, Russia
and Moldova and she was also one of the leaders of the gang.
She managed to escape the police operation, but as she was
shopping in Atakoy the other day, police detained her. She
refused to testify. She was sent to the prosecutor on
charges of human trafficking, bribery and rape. Ten more
people are sought in connection with the rape incident.

Ukrainian Tamilla A., married to a Turk in 2000 and assumed
Turkish citizenship, adopted the name Deniz. END TEXT.

3. Published by Sabah on Thursday, March 2:

TITLE: Apparent prostitution trap

BEGIN TEXT: Girls who flee or who are kidnapped from the
Taksim Child and Youth Center (where older orphans are
kept)in Istanbul, are forced into prostitution.

They are given drugs; they live on the streets and are
raped. All this happens in front of the police.

They are the children of divided families who did not
receive affection. They are forced into prostitution with
men. They sleep on the streets and are made drug addicts.
They are dragged into prostitution at a very young age.
What is worse, a majority of these girls are from the Taksim
Child and Youth Center. According to allegations, the
Center authorities and the police, although they are aware
of this fact, kept quiet.

T.K. (17) and G.B. (16) are two of these children. After
two weeks of hard work in the back streets of Beyoglu, we
finally could convince them to tell us about their
experience. G.B. has never met her parents. The two sons
of the family who adopted her sodomized her when she was

She said that her stepmother forced her to be involved with
men for money. "When I was ten, I fled. Two boys were
bugging me and a woman told me that she could be of help.
We went to her house. She drugged me and her husband raped
me. I got pregnant. She arranged an abortion and then
began to sell me to men. I fled after three years. The
police took me to the Taksim Child and Youth Center, but
that place is like a jail. I ran away. I served at bars
and I was raped," she said.

T.K. is from Eskisehir. She was kidnapped and raped by two
people when she was 13. She was raped again when she was 15
and got pregnant. She was put in the Taksim Child and Youth
Center. "I could not stand the environment in that
institution and left. A cab driver who promised to help me
kidnapped me for one week. I was forced to take drugs and
became an addict. Later, I was sold to a brothel in
Unkapani. I served at different bars in Beyoglu and I still
do," she noted.

T.K. recounted how she fell into this trap. "None of us
want to be involved in prostitution. But they make us drug
addicts and beat us. When desperate, you have to do
whatever they want. These are dangerous people. My
greatest dream is having a house one day. I'm not thinking
of marrying at all. Because when I think of marriage, I
remember my own parents. I hate it."

G.B. said that there were many brothels in the back streets
of Beyoglu and Tarlabasi and added, "One of them is the
brothel on Baskurt Street in Cihangir. From time to time,
girls from this brothel, by lying, manage to enter the Youth
Center. After spotting some other girls, they are able to
lure them out. Many of my friends ended up there. There
are still those who work there. Some others who manage to
flee are now serving at bars and night clubs."

G.B. went on, "I was wandering around in Taksim. Two boys
came up to me and began to tease me. Since I knew how the
system worked, I wanted to escape. They held my arms and
forced me into a brothel in Tarlabasi where transvestites
work. On the upper floor of that brothel, little girls are
forced into prostitution. They began to talk at the door.
They were going to sell me. I managed to run away from

G.A. (17),who came to the center when she was 15 and two
months pregnant, had to leave because of maltreatment.
"When I wanted to return, I was not allowed in. I served at
bars and used pills. Now I am trying to earn money by
selling beads," she said. She argued that although police
knew what was going on, they kept quiet.

Police Come and Go.

It is around 9:00 p.m. The street is very calm. As time
passes, the number of men entering the brothel in an
apartment in Cihangir increases. A man with a long coat,
standing in front of the building, constantly looks around.
Around 11:00 p.m., a red car approaches and a blonde woman
wearing workout clothes comes out to greet him. All of a
sudden there is a lot of movement and then a police car with
a blue light is seen. A policeman runs into the apartment
and comes out after five minutes. The police car leaves.

S.Y. has been living on Baskurt Street in Cihangir for six
years and she has witnessed what has been going on at the
brothel. She said that during the day, little girls come
and go and in the evening young boys. "I filed complaints
many times and the owner of the brothel was charged at least
20 times. A couple of times her apartment was shut down.
But after a short time, it opened again. The police, too,
go there. Nobody says `stop' to this," she said.

M.A., who frequently goes to the brothel on Baskurt Street,
said that the house is operated by a 60-year-old woman. He
said that three flats were used for this purpose. "Serpil,
who is from Kayseri, operates the flats and she has men
working for her. When girls object, they are beaten and
tortured. When we go in, the girls form a line and you can
rent the one you like for 50 YTL (approximately 38 USD) per
hour. Girls can get pregnant. It is possible to see some
babies there. Later those babies disappear. They even
shoot pornographic movies in that house," he added. END

4. Published by Sabah on Friday, March 3:

TITLE: Life forgot them; they forgot how to laugh.

BEGIN TEXT: The story of the girls who were dragged into
prostitution when they were very young hurt everybody
deeply. The things that happened to G.A. and G.B.
demonstrate their tragedy. G.B., who is only 16, has
already had four abortions. When she was only 8-years-old,
she was abused by her stepbrother and her stepmother sold
her to men. She was sent to the Taksim Child and Youth
Center where she was maltreated. When a woman who offered
to help her handed her over to her husband, he raped her and
she got pregnant. That woman carried out an abortion on her
with an iron bar.

G.B., who had been living on the streets for one year, said,
"The Institution's director Bahriye Karatay gave permission
to girls with boyfriends. She gave them money to rent
houses. Everybody knows everything, but they do not do
anything. We want a good life from now on."

G.A., who was born in Kirikkale and who had four sisters and
brothers, was raised with her father beating her. She said,
"My father beat us all with an iron bar. He used to hang us
by our feet from the ceiling when he wanted to punish us."
When she was 13, she was forced to marry a 45-year-old man
in return for 1000 YTL (about 770 USD). Instead, she ran
away with the man she loved. When her boyfriend was sent to
jail, she tried to commit suicide. She married the relative
of a woman she met in a literacy course by religious
ceremony (Note: not legal). One year later she was
pregnant. Her husband showed her the door since he did not
want the child. She was sent to the Taksim Child and Youth
Center. But when those in the Center constantly ridiculed
her for her clothing, she fled.

The unfortunate girl said the following about the evening
she fled the Center, "I was very cold and hungry. A man
said that he would help. I went with him. But there is
nothing free in life. I could eat something in return for
sleeping with him."

G.A. returned to the Center and delivered her baby. Her
baby was sent to the Bahcelievler Orphanage and she was sent
to the 80th Year Youth Center. G.A. said, "Bahriye Karatay
adopted the baby of a girl who delivered a child when she
was 15, but she did not do the same thing for me. I have
not seen my daughter for three months and she does not have
an identification card. Please help me to get her one as
soon as possible."

We hosted G.A. (17) and G.B. (16) at a hotel. It was
obvious that the hotel room felt like home for them after
all that suffering and poverty that they went through. When
I entered their room, they immediately said, "This is like a
palace. We wish we had such a home. We could live in
peace." We entered the room and G.B. turned on the TV. She
immediately found a cartoon channel. Then she asked, "This
dream will end, no?"

When we went down to the restaurant of the hotel for dinner,
G.B. said, "This is a luxurious place. I will feel very
embarrassed if I make a mistake." When we were filling our
plates from a buffet, she said, "If we take a lot of food,
they will not be angry, will they?" They keep asking for
permission from me for everything they put on their plates.
When I told them that they could eat as much as they wanted,
they said, "This is a luxurious place and we do not want to
embarrass you."

After dinner, when we went back to the room, they jumped
into bed. They began a pillow fight and laughed. As they
caressed the white sheets, they appreciated that they were
white and soft. They fell asleep, maybe the most peaceful
sleep they ever had.

After breakfast we went to the paper (Sabah). As we
arrived, they talked about the night they spent in their
comfortable beds and what they ate. When I asked what they
wanted to eat for lunch, they said, "Fish." They had their
lunch, and when I said that we would go back to the hotel,
they rejoiced that they would spend one more night in soft
beds. On our way back, I bought G.A. a doll for her to give
to her daughter. She was very pleased. G.B., on the other
hand, gave the gifts she received to girls that she saw on
the street who were in worse shape. END TEXT.

5. Published by Sabah on Friday, March 3, written by Fatih

TITLE: Those who force children into prostitution

BEGIN TEXT: Sabah, for the past two days has been
publishing a sad story that turns our stomachs. This is the
story of kids who were dragged into prostitution. Girls as
young as 12 and 13 are being sold in front of police in
Istanbul. They are somehow being taken out of state-
controlled centers and being dragged into prostitution.
These poor girls could be our daughters.

Following our report, an operation was not conducted against
the brothel where children are sold. I am curiously waiting
to see what kind of action will be taken. Meanwhile, I
learned that the person behind the child prostitution is
Serpil from Kayseri. Her real name is Cemile Aydin. She is
involved in child prostitution.

Authorities took action 23 times against this woman and her
brothel where she employs children. It was raided most
recently on October 9, 2005. She was captured while forcing
girls to prostitute themselves. This house was raided again
late last night. She was released by the court in which she
appeared. Child prostitution is the biggest shame in
civilized countries, but it is openly conducted in Turkey.
And one of those who are responsible for this is wandering
freely, despite the fact that she was captured 23 times.

How are the shelters run?

Two of the children who were dragged into prostitution are
right now under the protection of Sabah newspaper. I talked
to Nimet Cubukcu, State Minister for Families, yesterday.
She said that despite all efforts, there was a very serious
problem and she said that she would take care of the girls
who reportedly were taken away from the youth center. But
the issue is not admitting the girls into these centers.
The issue is that the girls should be treated in a humane

Due to professional deformation, some administrators whose
feelings have been numbed might regard these girls as
prostitutes, and this attitude lead to girls going back to

It is not enough to give a bed and food to these kids in
order to drag them out of the quagmire. They need to be
treated in a humane way. This is what is lacking and this
deficiency is in their minds. END TEXT.

6. Reported by Aksam on Saturday, March 4:

TITLE: Police raid on female prostitution boss

BEGIN TEXT: Cemile Aydin, known as "Serpil from Kayseri,"
was detained in a sting operation for forcing young girls
into prostitution and for operating a brothel. Civilian
police teams from the Beyoglu Police Department, after
obtaining permission from the prosecutor, raided Aydin's
brothel at 11:00 p.m. the other evening on Cihangir's
Baskurt Street, where she had forced young girls into
prostitution. During the operation, Aydin, referred to as
"the Female Boss" by the girls, was detained. END TEXT.

7. Published by Hurriyet on Wednesday, March 8:

TITLE: Thirty Sex Slaves Saved

BEGIN TEXT: The police raided several houses in Fethiye,
Mugla, which had been under surveillance for prostitution
for three months. Thirty women, most of whom were
foreigners and who were forced into prostitution, were saved
in an operation named "Valley." Ten people who were
marketing the women were detained. END TEXT.

8. Published by Sabah on Wednesday, March 8:

TITLE: Guardian Angel of Modern Slaves

BEGIN TEXT: Selin Arslan, who works in the International
Organization for Migration's fight against human trafficking
office, and who is also the coordinator for public
relations, is extending her helping hand to Ukrainian,
Moldovan and Russian women drug into prostitution in Turkey.

Arslan, along with her professional team, works like a
detective following information coming to the 157 hotline
operated by such women.

The 157 hotline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Operators speak Russian, Romanian, English and Kyrgyz.

In 14 months, 248 of 290 women victims were sent back to
their countries and 98 percent of those women were forced
into prostitution, while two percent were used as domestic
help. END TEXT.

9. Published by Hurriyet on Thursday, March 9:
TITLE: Bullets followed the message

BEGIN TEXT: Pinar Ozayar (16),Hatice Col (20),and her
brother Irfan Col (25),who had allegedly sold the two
girls, were found dead in a dump in Eregli, Konya. They
were shot in the chest and head with seven bullets. The
Jandarma initiated a comprehensive investigation and
detained eight people, including Kamil Esen, who allegedly
sells women. The Jandarma also questioned around 30
prostitutes. The prostitutes reportedly said that Hatice
and Pinar could not be shared by the prostitution mafia and
the gang had fought for the women with sticks and stones in
the past.

Ayse Col (55),mother of the murdered Col brother and
sister, was questioned for five hours. The weeping mother
claimed that her daughter Hatice had been threatened 15 days
ago and noted, "Kamil Esen 15 days ago sent a message to my
daughter's cell phone and threatened her by saying, `You
will either be mine or I will shoot you.' Fifteen days
later Hatice was taken to Pinar's house by some men. During
the same time, my son came home and some men took him to a
car and left. I have never seen those men before."

The three bodies were sent to the Adana Forensic Medicine
Institution and the investigation is ongoing. END TEXT.

10. Reported by Yeni Safak, Radikal, and Aksam on Saturday,
March 11:

TITLE: Pinar's Tragedy

BEGIN TEXT: The life of Pinar O. (16),who was one of the
two women shot in the head and killed in Eregli, Konya,
brought into question why we cannot protect our children.
Pinar, who was one of three children, stabbed her father
when she was 11 for beating her mother. Her parents
divorced because they could not get along. Meanwhile,
Pinar, who was a 9th grader at Ataturk High School, ran away
from home.

When she had nowhere to go, she took shelter at the house of
G.E., who reportedly forced her into prostitution. When she
was forced into relationships with men, she fled and took
shelter with the police. Six people were detained for
keeping her and leading her into prostitution by force. The
policemen that she accused were found not guilty in the
investigation. The other six people were arrested by order
of the court. Since she had nowhere to go, she returned to
the house where her father lived.

Some people against whom Pinar had filed a complaint hurt
her 8-year-old sister and 10-year-old brother and threatened
her if she spoke. Pinar, who was under psychological
pressure, fled her father's house and moved in with Hatice


11. Published by Vatan on Saturday, March 11:

TITLE: Prostitution in a hot tub

BEGIN TEXT: The Jandarma, which got a tip that prostitution
was being conducted at the Sultaniye Hot Springs in
Koycegiz, Mugla, conducted a "Circle Operation" that
encircled the hot springs with three teams of officers. Ali

A. (30),a municipality worker who allegedly forced foreign
women into prostitution, and his brother, Arif A. (39),and
his Azeri wife Aygun A. (27),who was deceiving women with
job offers, were detained. Ukrainian Valencia M., who
allegedly was forced into prostitution was rescued.

During searches of the suspects' houses, the Jandarma found
passports that belonged to foreign women, an unregistered
pistol, two knives and boxes of vodka. It was claimed that
the gang members have been bringing women from abroad to
Mugla with job offers and forcing them into prostitution.

12. Published by Aksam on Saturday, March 11:

TITLE: Prostitution imports for the cup

BEGIN TEXT: The 2006 World cup, to be held in Germany from
June 9 to July 9, is expected to lead to a big increase in
prostitution. The Reeperbahn district of Hamburg, in the
north, famous for its sex shops and brothels, is preparing
for action.

Following a warning that thousands of women from Eastern
Europe might be deceived and forced into prostitution,
officials decided to bring prostitutes in from other
countries. END TEXT.

13. Reported by Hurriyet on Saturday, March 11:

TITLE: Prostitution on the open seas

BEGIN TEXT: After two months police surveillance, Fethiye
police in Mugla raided 24 sites in an operation coded
"Valley" and saved 29 foreign women who had been forced into
prostitution. During searches of the sites, the police
found passports that belonged to the foreign women, one
unregistered hunting gun, 2 grams of heroin, two open
vouchers, four receipts for foreign money transfers, a knife
and an iron bar.

Nineteen people were detained, but the police released five
of them. The gang leader, Ali Ihsan Aksak (58),A.K. (36),
D.K. (29),H.K. (27),R.O. (31),O.C. (36),M.E. (42),Z.A.
(41),S.K. (30),O.A.Y. (50),Georgian citizen M.K. (39),
Russian citizens S.A. (42),A.A.K. (35) and A.B. (44),
forced the women into prostitution and kept them in houses,
pensions and hotels and had rented a three-story villa for
prostitution. It was also determined that they were forcing
the women into prostitution on a yacht the group had

Georgian citizen M.K. was working in a supervisory position
in the Tblisi Police Department. The police are searching
for 12 others in connection with this case.

Upon order of Court No. 2, A. Ihsan Aksak and 13 others were
sent to jail. END TEXT.

14. Reported by Radikal on Saturday, March 11:

TITLE: Blow to the prostitution on board gang

BEGIN TEXT: Police saved 29 women, most of whom were
foreigners, when it cracked down on a prostitution ring in
Fethiye, Mugla. The gang rented a hotel for prostitution
and was providing prostitution on board a boat.

The Mugla Police Organized Crime and Smuggling Department,
upon complaints by tourism agents and local businessmen,
began to follow a prostitution ring. Following a two-month
surveillance, it raided 24 separate sites last Tuesday and
detained 19 people. During searches of their offices and
homes, police found passports of the foreign women, an
unregistered shotgun, 2 grams hashish, two vouchers, and
four bank receipts for international money transfers. There
was also a knife.

The ring kept the women in their houses or hotels, had even
rented a three-story hotel, and forced them into
prostitution. From time to time, they were providing
prostitution services on board a rented boat. The gang
members confiscated the passports of the foreign women and
threatened those who wanted to return home by saying that
they would throw hydrochloric acid on them.

The leader of the gang, A.I.A., prepared fake visas and
other documents for foreign women. M.K., who was detained,
was working for the Tblisi police. The suspects were taken
to the Fethiye courthouse yesterday. Fourteen of them,
including A.I.A. and M.K., were put under arrest for human
trafficking for prostitution. END TEXT.

15. Published by Sabah on Saturday, March 11, written by
Fatih Altayli:

TITLE: A raid on a brothel

BEGIN TEXT: Some time ago, Sabah published reports exposing
the prostitution scandal in Beyoglu. This situation brought
to agenda indeed has been disturbing to those who have lived
in Tarlabasi for a long time.

People living in that neighborhood and hotel owners many
times filed official complaints to the Istanbul Governor's
office and the Provincial Tourism Director. They asked
officials to stop what was going on. They even gave the
addresses of the houses involved in prostitution. Later
came the comedy. The Governor and Provincial Tourism
Director referred the issue to the police.

The police first collected the women working on the street
and transsexuals. Certainly, prostitution did not end.
There was a need to carry out an operation on the brothel.
They applied to the prosecutor, who gave the go ahead for a
single search. The operation was then carried out. Let me
read the rest from the official document that was prepared
after the operation. "When we went to the buildings numbered
18 and 24 on X Street, and numbers 9 and 14, we noticed that
their doors were closed. We rang the bells many times, but
nobody responded. We concluded that there was nobody inside
and we did not conduct a search."

Policemen in official uniforms knocked on the doors of the
brothels and when nobody answered the door, they decided not
to conduct an operation.

What were the policemen expecting? Were they expecting
someone to tell them, "Welcome. Let me offer you
something"? END TEXT.

16. Published by Sabah on Sunday, March 12:

TITLE: Saved by a call

BEGIN TEXT: A young girl (23),who was deceived with a job
offer to come to Turkey from Ukraine, and was forced into
prostitution for one month in Koycegiz, Mugla, was saved by
the Jandarma.

V.B. was kept in a room without a bathroom and was forced
into prostitution for one month. When she saw the Jandarma
units, she began to cry. The young girl, who allegedly was
forced into prostitution, called the 157 hotline operated by
the IOM. Based on this information, the Jandarma carried
out an operation to liberate the girl.

Two prostitutes have AIDS.

In an operation against prostitution, 37 foreign women were
detained in a hotel in Silivri. During their medical
checkups, it was determined that 17 of them had venereal
diseases and two had the deadly AIDS virus.

Seventeen of the women who underwent checkups at the
Cankutaran Venereal Diseases Hospital, were infected with
diseases such as hepatitis, gonorrhea and syphilis.

Moldovan Elena T. and Ukrainian Olga B. had AIDS. After
processing the women, the authorities will deport them. END

17. Published by Radikal on Sunday, March 12:

TITLE: Valentyna saved

BEGIN TEXT: Ukrainian Valentyna Butkova, who fell into a
prostitution web, was saved by a Jandarma operation.

The 24-year-old primary school teacher was deceived earlier
by Ali Altindal (42),who works temporarily in the Koycegiz
Municipality, and his Azeri wife Aygul Altindal. They
offered her a job. Altindal took her passport and sold her
to men at the Sultaniye hot springs where his brother A.A.

She was locked in a house on the shore of Lake Koycegiz and
was fed only bread for a month. When she refused to be
involved in prostitution, she was beaten by Altindal. When
she had the opportunity, she phoned for help. She was
finally saved on March 11 by a Jandarma operation. When she
saw the Jandarma, she began to cry for joy. She was sent
back to Ukraine. While Ali Altindal was arrested for forced
prostitution and restricting one's freedom, his brother was
set free, to be tried on release. END TEXT.