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05TEGUCIGALPA2092 2005-10-11 14:48:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Tegucigalpa
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1. This is an action cable for IO/UNESCO and IO/T. Please
see paragraph 4.

2. PolChief delivered ref A letter from Secretary Rice (under
cover letter from the Charge) and demarche/non-paper on the
UNESCO Convention on Cultural Expressions to Acting Foreign
Minister Juan Alberto Lara Bueso the morning of October 7.
The demarche was a follow-up of PolChief's September 26
demarche of ref C to Acting FM Lara Bueso on the same issue
(see ref B). The Acting FM had no immediate substantive
response, but told PolChief that Minister of Education
Roberto Martinez would be leading the Honduran delegation to
UNESCO, and that the delegation would also include Vice
Minister of Culture Jose Funez and the Honduran UNESCO
PermRep Juan Benana in Paris. He suggested that the Embassy
fax copies of the Secretary's letter to these three, which
Post did the afternoon of October 7. (EconChief is also
sharing a copy of the letter with the Minister of Industry
and Commerce.) Post suggests that the US Mission to UNESCO
also approach the Honduran UNESCO PermRep to discuss USG
concerns with the UNESCO Convention.

3. The Acting FM also asked about the GOH's proposed vote
swap involving the U.S UNESCO candidacy. PolChief said that
in general the USG does not commit itself in advance to
voting for particular candidates for elections to
international organizations, but noted that Post had yet to
receive specific guidance to the GOH's request and that Post
would ask again for guidance. (Note: On July 12 Post sent
ref E diplomatic note requesting GOH support for the USG
candidacy for the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO. Post
received vague responses each time the issue was mentioned to
the MFA until September 5, when Post received a diplomatic
note from the Honduran Foreign Ministry requesting USG
support for the Honduran candidate to the UN International
Law Commission during elections this fall at UNGA, in return
for Honduran support for the U.S. candidacy for the UNESCO
World Heritage Committee in Paris in October. The Honduran
candidate for the UN Commission on International Law
(2007-11) is Carlos Lopez Contreras. He was the VP candidate
for Mayor of Tegucigalpa Miguel Pastor's unsuccessful
National Party primary campaign for the presidential
nomination back in February. Lopez Contreras is a former
Foreign Minister and current Honduran representative for
border issues under consideration at the at International
Court of Justice at The Hague. Post relayed this request and
asked for guidance in ref D. End Note.)

4. Action request for IO/UNESCO and IO/T: Post requests
guidance on Post's response to the Honduran proposed vote
swap discussed in pgh 3 and ref D.