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05TAIPEI2983 2005-07-11 10:00:00 CONFIDENTIAL American Institute Taiwan, Taipei
Cable title:  


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1. (U) This message is an action request. Please see
paragraph 4.

2. (C) On July 8, AIT/T received a request from Taiwan's
Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) for U.S. comment on an
export license application for 36,000 kg of sodium cyanide
ordered by a manufacturer in Iran. We will forward by
classified e-mail to EAP/TC and NP/ECC Jason McClellan the
entire packet of information provided by BOFT including
copies of the application materials.

3. (C) This request is the second under a quick-response
export control procedure reported ref A.

4. (C) Action Request: AIT/T requests Department reply with
information to "verify the legitimacy" of the listed
end user or any other relevant information that can be
provided to Taiwan's BOFT for consideration of this

5. (SBU) Begin informal translation of BOFT's request letter

Export-Control Application Verification

July 4, 2005
From: Board of Foreign Trade
To: Economic Section/ America Institute in Taiwan
BOFT Contact person: Ms. Fu Chung-mei
BOFT Contact number: 886-2-2397-7365
BOFT fax: 886-2-2397-0522
Letter number: Mao Fu Tzi 09401508740
Cc: National Security Bureau and TECRO/W


We seek U.S. assistance in verifying the legitimacy
of an Iran manufacturer named "Sherkat Taawoni
Abkaran VA Pardakhktkaran Ostan Tehran" who plans
to purchase 36,000 kg of sodium cyanide from Taiwan.


1. This letter request regards a Strategic High-Tech
Commodity (SHTC) export control license application
dated June 24, 2005 with application number 94-000436
from the Taiwan manufacturer "Imperial Chemical Corp."

2. This application indicated that the subject Iran
company Sherkat plans to purchase 36,000 kg of sodium
cyanide from the Taiwan company Imperial. The initial
investigation showed that the subject commodity is on
the SHTC control list, and this Iran company is not on
any of U.S. Department of Commerce,s open denied
persons list, unverified list or entity list.
Further verification of whether this Iran company is
in the U.S. un-announced high-risk lists is needed.

3. Attached please find copies of the SHTC export
license application from Imperial, and the End-User
Certificate with other related reference from Iran
company Sherkat. Please respond to us with a
verification result so we can meet the deadline
for processing export control applications in
Taiwan's Trade Law.

End informal translation.