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2005-04-07 15:17:00
Embassy Cairo
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UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 02 CAIRO 002736 SIPDIS DEPT FOR NEA/PPD; ALSO FOR NEA/ELA, IIP/SC AND ECA/P E.O. 12958: NA TAGS: SCUL OEXC KPAO EG SUBJECT: EGYPT PUBLIC DIPLOMACY RESULTS AND ACTIVITIES (03/10/05 - 04/07/05) REF: CAIRO 2416 Public Diplomacy programming in Egypt for this reporting period continued to address the full range of Post's MPP themes. This programming included support for a visit by American iEARN students, a cross- cultural dance performance, and engagement with Egyptian press on a number of regional stability issues. Post also recorded positive results from its information outreach and cultural liaison activities. Summary reports follow. Reftel is post's most recent prior submission for NEA/PPD reporting and IIP's PD results database. ------- RESULTS ------- (03/29/05) EMBASSY-PROVIDED MATERIALS INFLUENCE EGYPTIAN MINISTRY OF FOREIGN TRADE AND INDUSTRY REPORT Material and weblinks provided by the Embassy's Information Resource Center to an advisor to the Minister of Foreign Trade and Industry were used by that office in a report on U.S.-Egyptian economic cooperation that reached senior GOE officials. The materials covered the possibility of a Middle East Free Trade Agreement, status of U.S.-Egypt trade, and USAID programming in Egypt. MPP GOAL: ECONOMIC PROSPERITY (03/28/05) MISSION INFORMATION PACKETS INTEGRATED INTO EGYPTIAN CLASSROOMS In support of the MEPI-supported "Seeds of Peace" youth exchange in Egypt, the Embassy's Information Resource Center distributed Washington File articles and the IIP-produced "Info USA" CD-ROM to "Seeds of Peace" participants, many of whom are teachers and school administrators. They report using these materials to guide classroom discussions of current world events. MPP GOAL: MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING (04/05/05) MISSION FACILITATES COMMERCIAL AMERICAN ARTS VENTURE WITH CAIRO OPERA HOUSE Embassy Cairo's introduction of prominent American arts promoter Miles Copeland to the Cairo Opera House leadership opened doors that resulted in an agreement for the Opera House to present a group of American oriental dancers for three nights in April 2006. This �
0A;will be the first time for Egypt's premier performing arts space to host such a large commercial (i.e. non- subsidized) program. A successful run will encourage additional commercial American cultural offerings for Cairo. MPP GOAL: MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING ---------- ACTIVITIES ---------- (03/31/05) EMBASSY ENGAGES VISITING IRAQI JOURNALISTS TO REBUT INACCURATE EGYPTIAN MEDIA STEREOTYPES Post used a reception in honor of visiting Iraqi journalists, in Egypt for a training program, to rebut inaccurate Egyptian media stereotypes about the current situation in Iraq. By describing their daily living and working conditions, the Iraqis presented their Egyptian colleagues with a more balanced view of Iraq than is typically presented in the Egyptian media. MPP GOAL: REGIONAL STABILITY (03/22/05 - 04/07/05) EMBASSY HIGHLIGHTS U.S.-EGYPT TIES DURING VISIT OF U.S. STUDENT DELEGATION TO EGYPT Embassy support to the visit of a U.S. "iEARN" (International Education and Research Network) youth exchange delegation served effectively to highlight the value of U.S.- Egyptian exchanges generally to a wide audience. Embassy support to this first visit to Egypt by an American delegation as part of the ECA Bureau's three-year "iEARN Bridge" project included a briefing and tour of the Embassy - for both the delegation and their Egyptian hosts, a farewell reception - hosted by PAO and addressed by Charge, and extensive media activities. The resulting media coverage included an interview with two American and two Egyptian participants on the Egyptian prime-time TV talk show "El Beit Beitak" (The House is Yours). MPP GOAL: MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING (03/10/05) DANCER-DIPLOMAT DEMONSTRATES AMERICA'S CULTURAL DIVERSITY AT CAIRO CULTURAL CENTER To highlight America's cultural diversity, the Embassy helped to arrange for one of its junior officers, of South Asian heritage, to present an evening of classical Indian dance at a popular private cultural center in Cairo. Her performance, jointly sponsored by the U.S. Embassy and the Indian Cultural Center, was attended by almost 600, including many Egyptians. Detailed narration, in English and Arabic, effectively complemented the actual dances. Media coverage was excellent - both print and television - conveyinig to a wide audience a positive message of American diversity. MPP GOAL: MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING (03/19/05) EMBASSY FACILITATES DISCUSSION BETWEEN VISITING AJC DELEGATION AND EGYPTIAN JOURNALISTS The Embassy responded to an expression of interest by a visiting delegation from the American Jewish Committee (AJC) to organize a discussion for them with representative Egyptian journalists on the current media landscape in Egypt. The resulting interaction touched on Arab-Israeli peace efforts, anti-Semitism, and the role of the U.S. in the Arab world. Both sides reported profiting from the exchange. MPP GOAL: REGIONAL STABILITY (04/05/05) MISSION PROGRAMS VISITING U.S. TREASURY UNDER SECRETARY TO EGYPT'S FINANCIAL COMMUNITY Taking advantage of the visit to Cairo by outgoing U.S. Under Secretary of the Treasury John B. Taylor, the Embassy arranged for him to address an invited audience of 100 Egyptian economists, bankers, and economic reporters. His remarks focused on U.S. monetary policies in emerging markets and their implications for Egypt. The Q-and-A session lasted for an hour, followed by interviews with Egyptian TV's "Nile News" and with the satellite channel CNBC. MPP GOAL: ECONOMIC PROSPERITY (03/20/2005) EMBASSY ARRANGES TELEPHONE INTERVIEW FOR EGYPTIAN JOURNALIST WITH ASSISTANT SECRETARY FOR AFRICAN AFFAIRS The Embassy supported a recent visit to Cairo by the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs by arranging a telephone interview for her with a prominent Egyptian columnist. The full transcript of the interview, along with well-informed commentary on U.S. Africa policy, was published in Egypt's largest daily, Al Akhbar. MPP GOAL: REGIONAL STABILITY (03/30-31/05) MISSION SPOTLIGHTS USAID PROJECTS IN THE NILE DELTA As part of an ongoing effort to counter criticism of U.S. development assistance in Egypt's opposition press, the Embassy - working with USAID - took a group of Egyptian journalists to visit and see first-hand the positive results of USAID activities in the Nile Delta, especially those of the Commodity Import Program (CIP) and various water treatment projects. MPP GOAL: ECONOMIC PROSPERITY GRAY