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05BANGKOK5773 2005-09-08 08:59:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Bangkok
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1. Per reftel request, Pol FSN visited the Royal Thai
Directorate of Aeronautical Engineering in Bangkok on
September 7 to inquire about Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF)
links with the Singapore firm, Monarch Aviation Pte., Ltd.
Group Capt. Suphachok Onbunkua, staff aide to the Director of
Aeronautical Engineering, confirmed that the RTAF had ordered
C-130H aircraft spares from Monarch Aviation Pte. Ltd.
Suphachok produced a copy of a purchase order, DAE 388 PO/48,
dated June 30, 2005 and signed by Air Marshal Natthapong
Iamthammachart, Director of Aeronautical Engineering
addressed to Monarch Aviation Pte. Ltd. at 1 Scotts Road,
#25-06 Shaw Center, Singapore 228208, agreeing to purchase 15
C-130H spare parts for USD 7,033.00. The items to be
purchased corresponded with those outlined in reftel.

2. Suphachok confirmed that the RTAF has had dealings with
Monarch Aviation's local representative, Naka Interbusiness
Co. Ltd. According to Suphachok, the purchase order outlined
above was picked up in Thailand by Naka and forwarded to
Monarch in Singapore. Suphachok said that Naka is a
long-standing contractor to the RTAF having once represented
Bell Helicopters in Thailand.

3. Naka is registered with the Royal Thai Ministry of
Commerce, Department of Business Development, as follows:

Registration No. (4) 281/2540 dated 11 Feb 1997
Name: Naka Inter Business Co., Ltd.
Capital Registration: 2,000,000 Baht
Company's Executives:
Mr. Sanit Nakhachitti
Mrs. Phakakrong Nakhachitti
Mr. Thapana Phumwongsamnieng
Miss Wannapha Suwan
Mr. Paul Louis Qualia

Location77/371 Mu 7, Sai mai Sub-District, Bangkok
The company has submitted annual financial records for FY 99
and 2000. The financial report for 2000 was certified by Mr.
Phaibun Sicharoen, whose financial editing license was
revoked on May 25, 2001.

4. In the telephone directory, Naka has two addresses: the
address listed above and 979/32-36, the SM Tower,
Phaholyothin Rd, Samsen Nai Sub-District, Phaya Thai
District, Bangkok. Pol FSN visited both locations. The
second location (SM Tower) is no longer occupied by Naka.
The second address is in a residential neighborhood. Pol FSN
observed a large house with a Naka sign in front but did not
enter the home or contact any Naka employee.