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05ANKARA2579 2005-05-05 11:52:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Ankara
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051152Z May 05
					  UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 02 ANKARA 002579 



E.O. 12958: N/A
(APRIL 2005)

REF: 2004 STATE 146478

1. Summary: Last month, EXBS Advisor primarily
focused on the status and direction of the Commodity
Identification Training (CIT), which was scheduled to take
place in April, but was eventually postponed to a later date.
EXBS Advisor worked closely with MFA, Customs and Turkish
Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) on the decision to postpone
due to schedule conflicts and lack of milestone
accomplishment. EXBS Advisor continued to encourage Turkish
full participation in PSI activities and other
non-proliferation programs. Finally, EXBS Advisor concluded
negotiation of the NP Cooperation Agreement and began
preparing for upcoming signing of the Agreement. End Summary.

2. Completed Actions for the Reporting Period

A. Site Assessment and Meetings During Recent
Reporting Period:

1) April 6- EXBS Advisor participated in a meetings
with BG Haldun Solmazturk, Department of Disarmament and
International Security, Turkish General Staff Headquarters to
hear Turkey's impression of the latest PSI Operational
Experts Group meeting. Solmazturk said that he was very
impressed with the coordination and information exchanged
during the experts meetings. The meeting cleared up the last
questions the Turks had about the initiative. Ankara is now
fully committed to PSI. Solmazturk informed EmbOffs that,
while Turkey did offer assets for the upcoming Spanish PSI
exercise, the current exercise scenario does not require
their participation. Although Turkey now will not be
actively participating in either the Portuguese or Spanish
led PSI field exercises this spring, they do intend to send
observer teams to both and to participate in the table-top
command post component of the Spanish exercise. Solmazturk
stated that Turkey committed in Omaha to hosting a PSI
exercise in May 2006. This exercise will be a multi-mission
exercise focusing on coordinating activities between land,
sea, air, intelligence and command and control. Solmazturk
believes that this would be an excellent way to test the
passing of information from the various activities, while
also displaying the need for close coordination between the
forces involved.

2) April 18- EXBS Advisor met with MFA DDG for Arms
Control and Disarmament Bulent Meric to discuss various
non-proliferation issues and deliver appropriate talking
points. Meric presented EXBS Advisor a Turkish translation of
the latest NP Cooperation Agreement, which was subsequently
forwarded for approval. Meric also commented on the
refocusing of the CIT project and his desire for the EXBS
Advisor to work closely with members of the Turkish Atomic
Energy Authority (TAEK) and Turkish Customs to ensure the
project continues to move forward. Also discussed was
Turkey's involvement in PSI, including Turkey's significant
involvement at the Omaha PSI experts working group, its
proposal to host a major exercise in May 2006, and possible
ways to mark the upcoming 2nd anniversary.

3) April 22- EXBS Advisor met with President of
Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK), Okay Cakiroglu, and
staff to discuss various issues. EXBS Advisor expressed his
concern that there was confusion in the direction of the CIT
project. He provided a detail explanation of the project and
how it fits into the overall NP program for Turkey. He also
reviewed the work accomplished by Turkish Customs and the
work that needs to be completed by TAEK. An appropriate
course of action was agreed on, with follow-on meetings to
occur in the upcoming weeks. EXBS Advisor also discussed the
exchange of HEU for LEU fuel assemblies and the expected
postponement of the transfer due to a hold up on the
Bilateral Agreement for Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy.
Finally, EXBS Adviser presented Department of Energy proposal
to begin a process of bilateral cooperation for Threat
Reduction within this region. It was decided that both sides
would begin by developing possible ideas for future
cooperation, this will be followed up by future discussions
by DOE representatives.

4) April 26- EXBS Advisor met with TAEK Department
Head for Nuclear Safety, Aysen Yucel, and staff to discuss
the CIT project. EXBS Advisor reviewed in further details
the project and milestones that need to be achieved for each
step. He reviewed the work already accomplished by the
Turkish Customs authority and discussed where TAEK fits into
the project and needs to take the lead at this point.
Meetings will be conducted more frequently to keep this
project on course.

5) April 27- EXBS Advisor met with Department Head
for Customs Enforcement Ender Gurleyik to review EXBS
program work with the Turkish Customs, including CIT, PIT,
and Risk Management Workshop. Gurleyik updated EXBS Advisor
about recent international cooperation with Azerbaijan and
the EU; these exchanges include the sharing of information,
training and best practices concerning operations within
Customs areas. EXBS Advisor reviewed areas of possible
future cooperation including training exchanges and Turkish
Customs equipment shortfalls. EXBS Advisor proposed possible
visits to various border regions over the upcoming months to
increase understanding of operations, specifically in the
southern and eastern regions. Additionally, Gurleyik
reviewed recent cases and the status of a project to upgrade
the Habur Gate Border crossing with Iraq, which should begin
soon, he said.

B. Training Conducted During Reporting Period: None

C. Equipment Delivered During Reporting Period: None

D. Imminent Training or Equipment Status Update: None

E. Significant Developments in Export Controls,
Nonproliferation, or Related Border Security:

1) GOT provided final comments and a Turkish language
version of the NP Cooperation Agreement. Post provided NP
with texts and now informally understands that the U.S. will
agree to this final version and authorized the signing of the
Agreement. This agreement will open the path for full
engagement of all aspects of the EXBS program with Turkey. A
signing ceremony for the NP Agreement is being considered for
the end of May to coincide with the Second Anniversary of
PSI, followed by ratification by the Turkish Parliament by
the end of the summer.

3. Future Activities

A. May 19 - 22- EXBS Advisor to visit selected Border
Crossing between Syria and Turkey.

B. May 31 - Jun 3- EXBS Advisor to attend EXBS
Advisors conference in Vienna, Austria.

C. Jun 8-9 (tent)- DOE NNSA to conduct CIT Project

D. Jun 13-17 (tent)- DOE SLD Team to conduct
coordination meeting with Turkish Customs.

E. Jun 23-26- EXBS Advisor to visit selected Border
Crossing between Iran and Turkey

4. Red Flag Issues: None

5. Contact Information for EXBS Adviser ) Kevin Lyon,
phone (90)(312) 455-5555 ext 2525, fax (90)(312) 468-4775,