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2005-07-24 09:09:00
Embassy Amman
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UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 02 AMMAN 005859 SIPDIS STATE FOR NEA/ARN, NEA/PA, NEA/AIA, INR/NESA, R/MR, I/GNEA, B/BXN, B/BRN, NEA/PPD, NEA/IPA FOR ALTERMAN USAID/ANE/MEA LONDON FOR GOLDRICH E.O. 12958: N/A TAGS: KMDR JO SUBJECT: MEDIA REACTION ON EGYPT TERROR ATTACKS Summary -- Lead stories in all papers today, July 24, focused on the terror attacks in Sharm El-Sheikh yesterday. Reports describe attacks as "carnage," "mortal blow," or simply "a bloody dawn" in Sharm El-Sheikh. A noticeable number of commentaries strongly condemn the attacks and their perpetrators as a faction of people who seek to kill and murder. Furthermore, commentaries strongly absolve Islam of such terror actions and such terrorists, urging the world, particularly Arabs and Muslims, to speak out clearly against terror done in the name of Islam. Editorial Commentary -- "The war on terrorism: a major failure story" Daily Columnist Urayb Rintawi writes on the op-ed page of center-left, influential Arabic daily Al-Dustour (07/24): "We must admit that the war on terrorism has failed to achieved its objectives, and that, despite its high cost, its noise, and its many fronts, it is still as far away from the finish line as it will ever be. We must also admit that more bloody chapters of this war are yet to come.. We talk so much about the `reasons' for the terrorism and about its many violent and bloody phenomena, but we never do anything to overcome them and go beyond them. The status of the Arab and Muslim regimes remains the same; in fact, it is getting worse. Unemployment, hunger, and price hikes take on millions of people every day; corrupt and unjust regimes shoot and expand their prisons. As for the west, the policies and strategies that stir hatred and the clash of civilizations continue to do their thing." -- "Damn the terrorism" Center-left, influential Arabic daily Al-Dustour (07/24) editorializes: "The bombings in Sharm El- Sheikh and the Egyptian, Arab, and foreign victims, Christians and Muslims, all stand witness and proof that the terrorists are criminals and murderers, that they have no justification, that one cannot defend their stand because they are not human and nor can one defend their viewpoint because they have none. Their primary objective is to kill.
When we spoke in the past about the reasons that lead to the growth of terrorism, we had actually wanted to understand the facts, and not to find justification for their actions.. It is time to admit the fact that the terrorists are made of the same clay, that they are a united front despite the fact they come from separate groupings. On the other hand, the world has not yet formed a united front, and it is not easy to do that when there are those who perpetrate terrorism in all its forms, and when there are those who claim to fight terrorism while they are the cause of it because of the injustice, aggression, and usurpation they exercise." -- "The world is no longer safe" Chief Editor Taher Udwan writes on the back-page of independent, mass-appeal Arabic daily Al-Arab Al-Yawm (07/24): "The world cannot bear the continuation of this war [on terror]. Moreover, the world cannot keep quiet under this intellectual terrorism that Bush has imposed on everyone when he declared, "if you are not with us, you are against us." If a person wants to talk about the roots and causes of terrorism, he is accused of `justifying terrorism,' but then the person realizes that sufficing with condemnation and denunciation of terrorism actually means that he is justifying the Bush-Blair war and with it, the daily crimes in Iraq.. There must be another way to fight terrorism. There must be a third camp, different from the Bush-Blair camp and the Bin Laden-Zarqawi camp, that would establish a comprehensive international effort to put an end to terrorism and deal with its root causes; a camp that would include countries actually hurt by terrorism.. The Arabs and Muslims are the first and most to suffer from terrorism and there is plenty of evidence to that in Baghdad, Riyadh, Rabat, and Sharm El-Sheikh. Without them, without respecting their viewpoints, their suggestions and their demands for fighting terrorism, humanity will continue to be hostage to the Bush-Blair policy that has left the world less safe in this open war between crazy people and ghosts." -- "Sharm El-Sheikh bombings: sinful terrorism and criminal murderers" Semi-official, influential Arabic daily Al-Rai (07/24) editorializes: "Silence is no longer a virtue. It has become nearly the same as complicity with barbaric actions committed in cold blood and dressed up by their perpetrators as religious actions. What kind of Jihad is this that takes innocent lives, destroys public property, and puts peoples' lives at risk? The most dangerous thing about these massacres perpetrated by terrorists all over this world is that they speak in the name of Islam, when Islam in fact is absolved of such people. All Muslims must take the initiative, with fear or hesitation, to declare that these prodigal people have nothing to do with them, and prove with action and not just that they share the world feelings and tendency to act decisively and effectively against terrorism." -- "Terrorism cannot be condemned, but ." Columnist Khairallah Khairallah writes on the op-ed page of independent Arabic daily Al-Ghad (07/24): "Terrorism is terrorism. What London faced is terrorism and cannot be justified in any shape or form. There is nothing called condemning terrorism using the world `but.', as if it is possible to look for mitigating circumstances for terrorists who kill civilians who have nothing to do with their countries' policies.. True, one can criticize British and American policies in Iraq, but this criticism cannot provide justification for the terrorism perpetrated in London. The only thing that we can say is that the only party that benefits from terrorism is the enemy of all Arabs and Muslims, whoever that enemy might be." HALE