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05ADANA229 2005-12-09 13:58:00 UNCLASSIFIED Consulate Adana
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This is the Southeastern Turkey press summary for December 08,

2005. Please note that Turkish press reports often contain
errors or exaggerations; AmConsulate Adana does not vouch for
the accuracy of the reports summarized here.


RADIKAL / HURRIYET: The investigation into PKK/Kongra-Gel
leader Zubeyir Aydar's allegations to Milliyet and Tercuman
newspapers on August 21 and 22 that Abdullah Ocalan was leading
the PKK/Kongra-Gel from his prison cell, was dropped when
Istanbul Prosecutor's Office decided that no physical evidence
proving a crime was found concerning the charges.

ZAMAN: Concerning the investigation into Zubeyir Aydar's
remarks, Zaman daily reported that the jailed terrorist leader
Abdullah Ocalan gave a half-page statement to the Istanbul
Prosecutor as a witness during the investigation process. The
daily further reported that Abdullah Ocalan did not clearly
mention any formulation resembling the concept of overarching
identity of citizenship of Turkey and sub-identities of
different cultures within Turkey (see press summary 12/07).

( sp?PID=319&HID
=1&haberID=144489): According to a report of pro-PKK website of
Firat News Agency, the U.S. was looking for ways to enable the
return to Turkey of refugees in Mahmur camp, which was
established 11 years ago in Iraq. A delegation formed by U.S.
soldiers and civilians is reportedly paying visits to the camp
to assess the situation there and to learn about the views of
the camp residents about Abdullah Ocalan.

ZAMAN: Reportedly, the police found 250 grams of plastic
explosives at the house of the Silopi municipality assembly
member (from DEHAP), who was detained along with eight people
during unannounced home raids conducted at three houses (see
press summaries 12/06 and 07). Two of the people detained were
alleged PKK members and the rest of the detainees reportedly
aided and harbored the terrorist organization PKK.

ZAMAN: National Security Directorate increased the security
threat level in the nation's 81 security director headquarters
against any possible suicide bomb, bomb or gun attacks targeting
the directorates.

ZAMAN: Reportedly, Supreme Court Chief Prosecutor issued a
warning against the DTP (Democratic Society Party), which
elected two persons for party chairmanship. According to the
Political Parties Act of Turkey, a political party can have only
one national chairperson. The Prosecutor also warned DTP that
former DEP (Democracy Party) deputies Leyla Zana, Hatip Dicle,
Orhan Dogan and Selim Sadak cannot be a member to political
party because of the previously given verdict banning these
people from political life.

ZAMAN / HURRIYET: Opposition parties criticized PM Erdogan's
recently uttered remarks saying, "Democracy and religion are
helpful in attaining a peaceful environment...Religion is the
glue that held the ethnic components (within a society)
together." According to CHP (Republican People's Party)
National Leader, PM Erdogan "lost his bearings" and started a
perilous, controversial and an endless religious debate.
According to Baykal, PM Erdogan, upon seeing that his
formulations stressing the ethnic identities rather than a
single national identity proved weak and were not very welcomed,
now resorted to the concept of religion, which would reportedly
disorient him more. Separately, Zaman reported that CHP leader
would visit Hakkari's Semdinli and Yuksekova districts this
morning to examine the situation there. Baykal will go to Van
and Malatya provinces later.

OZGUR GUNDEM: A local court brought a civil action and fined
Sukran Aydin, the Bismil Mayor of Diyarbakir, because Aydin
greeted the public with a Kurdish word during her address to a
crowd in 2002 at Diyarbakir's Kulp district. Aydin will have to
pay approximately 1100 USD. Reportedly, DEHAP Deputy National
Chairperson Ali Urkut made a speech in Zaza language on the same
day; however, no action was brought against him, said the

RADIKAL: Third Court of First Instance in Ankara approved the
regulation that banned the use of Kurdish during political
activities of the political parties. The regulation stipulates
that no other language than Turkish will be used during the
political activities of the parties.

RADIKAL: Mikail Ilcin, leader of Hani clan and former Hakkari
deputy from CHP (Republican People's Party), said during a press
announcement yesterday that a Kurdish state must be founded in
northern Iraq. Ilcin reportedly praised Massoud Barzani, leader
of the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party), during his

OZGUR GUNDEM: A large-participation press announcement will
be held on December 10 World Human Rights Day in Hakkari's
Semdinli district. DTP delegates, SHP (Social Democratic
Populist Party) municipality assembly members, KESK
(Confederation of Public Employees' Unions), Umut Bookstore,
Human Rights Association representatives and Chamber of
Tradesmen and Artisans will form a platform in Semdinli to make
a press announcement and to draw attention to their commitment
to follow the developments on the case.

OZGUR GUNDEM: A Culture and Arts Association in Istanbul
used a logo published on Ozgur Gundem newspaper, and designed a
key holder which carried the logo with a statement on it saying,
"Semdinli Bomb, Do not forget it, Watch out!" The association
members said that, this key chain, while expressing their
protests and reaction against the Semdinli case, will help keep
the memory of the incidents fresh on the minds of the people.

OZGUR GUNDEM: "Delegation of Citizens", which went to
Semdinli to conduct studies there, returned to Istanbul to talk
about their Semdinli observations. Professor Gencay Gursoy,
Chairperson of the Istanbul Chamber of Doctors, said that
Kurdish people demanded peace, justice, identity rights and
freedom. During the meetings held with citizens in Hakkari,
Semdinli, Yuksekova and Van, the first and foremost demand of
the people was to make their voices heard, not silenced, said