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2005-09-19 15:12:00
Consulate Adana
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UNCLAS ADANA 000165 SIPDIS E.O. 12958: N/A TAGS: PREL PINS PGOV PHUM TU ADANA SUBJECT: SOUTHEAST TURKEY PRESS SUMMARY FOR SEPTEMBER 19, 2005 This is the Southeastern Turkey press summary for September 19, ¶2005. Please note that Turkish press reports often contain errors or exaggerations; AmConsulate Adana does not vouch for the accuracy of the reports summarized here. POLITICAL, SECURITY, HUMAN RIGHTS ZAMAN: A group of terrorists in Erzincan carried out an armed attack on a Jandarma station in Erzincan. Two soldiers were reportedly wounded. Following the attack, security forces initiated a military operation in the area. ZAMAN / HURRIYET / SABAH (GUNEY) / SABAH / RADIKAL: Terrorists opened fire at the police headquarters in Van on Sunday. During the 45-minute clash, one police officer died and two officers were wounded. In Sanliurfa, terrorists opened fire at a police car, which was patrolling the streets. One police officer died and another officer was wounded. (This summary is from 9/18 edition.) ZAMAN: Cemil Bayik, regional leader of the terrorist organization PKK/Kongra-Gel, reportedly requested issuance of identity papers and passports for 100 PKK members from the leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party, Masud Barzani. Using this method, PKK reportedly aims to send its terrorists via legal channels to Turkey. OZGUR GUNDEM: Four unidentified people wearing masks stopped traffic on the road between Hakkari and Van, and stole valuables belonging to the people in the cars. Thieves later ran away in a car. OZGUR GUNDEM: The daily has been reporting an increasing number of police arrests, detentions and investigations of DEHAP members. The Sunday edition reported that police detained four DEHAP members in Adana, including the provincial chairperson Tayyip Yildiz. The Monday edition reported that police initiated an investigation against 20 people including a former DEHAP provincial chairperson, the current DEHAP provincial chairperson and DEHAP district chairperson in Bitlis on the grounds that they participated in a demonstration against the recent alleged vigilantism directed at Kurds. Reportedly, the chairpersons in Sanliurfa and Van were detained as well. OZGUR GUNDEM: During military operations in Bingol's Yayladere district, security officers reportedly killed two terrorists. HURRIYET / OZGUR GUNDEM / RADIKAL: Bulent Ecevit, a former prime minister of Turkey, said that the Turkish government had completely opened its territorial air space, its land and its ports to meet the military demands of the U.S., and did so by ignoring the Turkish Parliament. Bulent Ecevit further said that his former government had prevented such U.S. use of the Iskenderun's port. OZGUR GUNDEM: The ceasefire the PKK declared a month ago reportedly ends tomorrow. HURRIYET / MILLIYET / SABAH: A blast in a passenger bus, which set off for Antalya from Adana, killed two people and wounded 10 more. The Governor's Office in Antalya announced that gases trapped in the air conditioner system caused the explosion. The police are still investigating whether a bomb caused this incident. REID