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05ABUDHABI257 2005-01-17 09:01:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Abu Dhabi
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1. (C) On January 16, Pol Chief and G-8 representatives
(France, Japan, Russia, Italy, Canada, and UK -- Germany had
a schedule conflict) jointly delivered reftel points to MFA
Director for International Organizations, Yacub Al Hosani.
Pol Chief also provided Al Hosani with a copy of the letter
endorsed by G-8 Foreign Ministers addressed to Minister of
State for Foreign Affairs Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed. Al Hosani
told us that the UAEG would have &no problem8 signing the
Additional Protocol, but that the process would require
coordination with other UAE federal agencies. When we asked
how long that process of consultation might take, Al Hosani
replied that it was &just a matter of time.8

2. (C) The UAE shares the goal of adopting the highest
standards for IAEA safeguards by adopting the Additional
Protocol, Al Hosani said. &This issue is very important to
us. At the highest level, we want to secure our country,8
he said. The United Arab Emirates is a very open country
that needs to protect itself against proliferators, he
continued, citing the AQ Khan case. &We need to strengthen
the rules and monitor entry points8 because we do not want
to allow anybody to violate the laws, he said. The IAEA,s
procedures will give the UAE the protection it seeks. Al
Hosani informed the group that the Ministry of Energy is the
focal point for IAEA issues.