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04THEHAGUE1370 2004-06-03 16:58:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy The Hague
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FY-2005 Embassy The Hague International

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					  UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 02 THE HAGUE 001370 



E.O. 12958: N/A
SUBJECT: FY-2005 Embassy The Hague International
Visitor Program Nominations

REF: STATE 117611

1. On April 22, 2004, the International Visitor Program
Selection Committee nominated the following slate of IVP
candidates for the FY-2005. As per refcable, we are
nominating 11 primary candidates. The remaining candidates
are nominated as alternates. We request that The Hague will
again be offered incentive slots, and if so, we intend to
nominate at least four candidates within the incentive
period, to make the maximum use of the incentive program.

2. Primary candidates in rank order:


- Ms. Lysanne van der Lem
Policy Officer, Biotechnology and Food Safety, Ministry of
Health, Welfare and Sport
Earmarked for EU/RP "Biotechnology and Food Safety" (June 6
- 24, 2005)

- Mr. Richard Cornelius Berkhout
Sr. Policy Officer, Ministry of Finance
Individual program

- Mrs. Machteld Boot-Matthijssen
Researcher and program coordinator, Netherlands Institute
of International Relations Clingendael
Earmarked for EU/RP "U.S. Foreign Policy Challenges II"
(February 28 - March 18, 2005) or alternatively, the EU/RP
"U.S.-EU Security Issues" (April 25 - May 13, 2005);

- Mr. Johannis M.D. van Leeuwe
Policy Staffer, General Policy Division, Ministry of
Earmarked for EU/RP "U.S.-European Security Issues" (April
25 - May 13, 2005)

- Mr. Henk Jan Ormel
Member of Parliament for the CDA (Christian Democratic
Individual program

- Mr. Eric Vrijsen
Political and Defense Editor, Elsevier
Individual program

- Mr. Jeroen W.F. Sas
Sr. Trade Policy Coordinator, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Earmarked for EU/RP "Trade and Economic Development" (May 9
- 27, 2005)

- Mr. Robert E. de Groot
Head, Office of the Secretary General, Ministry of Foreign
Individual program

- Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Member of Parliament for the VVD
Individual program

- Ms. Farah Karimi
Member of Parliament for Green Left
Individual program

- Mr. Pieter Cornelis Quak
Senior Prosecutor, Account Manager Study Center for the
Earmarked for MRP "U.S. Judicial System I or II" (November
18 - December 9, 2004 or September 22 - October 11, 2005)
or an individual program

3. First two alternates in rank order:


If we are successful in obtaining two additional incentive
grants, we plan on sending the following candidates:

- Ms. Naglaa Abdel Rahman Elhajj
Project Manager for Iraq, IKV (Interchurch Peace Council)
Earmarked for MRP "U.S. Foreign Policy and Human Rights
Issues" (May 12 - June 2, 2005)

- Mr. Peter W. Mollema
General Manager Shipping and Maritime Development (SMO),
Port of Rotterdam
Individual program

4. Remaining alternates in alphabetical order:


- Mr. Jules F. Gerzon
Senior Policy Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Earmarked for EU/RP "U.S. Foreign Policy Challenges II"
(February 28 - March 18, 2005)

- Mr. Tjark R.C. de Lange
President of YES (Organization of Young Entrepreneurs)
Earmarked for EU/RP "Trade and Economic Development" (May 9
- 27, 2005)

- Mr. Frans Nauta
President, Knowledge Land and Secretary, Innovation
Individual program
- Mr. Ivar Nijhuis
Spokesman to the Mayor of Rotterdam
Individual program

- Ms. Delphine R.R. Pronk
Senior Policy Advisor to the Director-General for European
Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Individual program

- Mrs. Celia C. Steegman-Rodenburg
Senior Policy Advisor Food Quality, Ministry of
Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
Earmarked for EU/RP "Biotechnology and Food Safety" (June 6
- 24, 2005)

- Mr. Remco L.H. van Tooren
National Public Prosecutor for Alien Smuggling and
Trafficking in Human Beings
Earmarked for EU/RP "Combating Trafficking in Persons"
(June 6 - 24, 2005)

5. We will send in a separate request for FY-2004 end-of
year funding for an ITT for two young Muslim leaders, as
discussed by telephone between Carol Grabauskas and Jess
Baily. However, we would like to submit their nominations
with our FY-2005 slate as well, in case we do not succeed
in obtaining a program date for them in FY-2004.

- Mr. Seddik Harchaoui
Director, Forum Institute for Multi-Cultural Development

- Mr. Ayhan Tonca
Chairman, Muslim Government Contact Organization (CMO)

If one of the above should be unable to travel, our
alternate candidate would be:

- Mr. Ahmed Larouz
Chairman, TANS

6. The complete slate of nominees from the Netherlands has
Full Country Team approval, as required by 03 State 173181-


7. Nomination information for each candidate in EVDB format
follows in septels.

8. We look forward to receiving ECA/PE/V/R/E'S approval.