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03KUWAIT627 2003-02-22 04:08:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Kuwait
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1. (C) Summary: On February 21, the Ambassador delivered
reftel points to Kuwaiti Minister for Amiri Diwan Affairs
Shaykh Nasser Mohammed, who assured him that the GOK fully
understands the need to support UNSCR 1441 during the
Non-Aligned Movement's (NAM) session in Kuala Lumpur. Shaykh
Nasser said he had spoken with First Deputy Prime Minister
and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shaykh Sabah al-Ahmad
al-Sabah, who had instructed the GOK delegation to push for
the inclusion of 1441-specific language in the expected NAM
statement on Iraq. In addition, Shaykh Nasser claimed Iraqi
delegate Hasan al-Musawi had approached Arab NAM
member-states seeking support, but had been largely rebuffed.
End Summary.

GOK to push 1441 language


2. (C) On February 21, the Ambassador reviewed the texts of
two draft statements provided him by Minister of Amiri Diwan
Affairs Shaykh Nasser Mohammed and now circulating in Kuala
Lumpur (both have been faxed to the desk). Finding both
texts lacking any specific references to UNSCR 1441 or Iraq's
obligation to disarm, the Ambassador called Shaykh Nasser
and expressed his concern that any NAM statement include
language condemning Iraq's non-compliance with UNSCR 1441 and
reaffirming Iraq's obligation to disarm (reftel). After
speaking with First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of
Foreign Affairs Shaykh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, Shaykh Nasser
called the Ambassador back to inform him that FM Sabah
concurs, and had instructed the GOK delegation in Kuala
Lumpur -- now led by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
Shaykh Dr. Mohammed Al-Sabah, who is well-versed on these
issues -- to advocate for the inclusion of language calling
upon the Iraqi regime to fully comply with resolution 1441.

Iraqi envoy surrounded by "spies"


3. (C) During previous discussions on February 21, Shaykh
Nasser told the Ambassador that Iraqi PermRep al-Musawi had
approached delegates of Arab NAM member-states in a desperate
effort to gain their support for Iraq. Calling the rest of
the Iraqi delegation Saddam's "spies," Musawi told the
delegates he was just doing his job and he feared for his
safety should he return to Iraq without a NAM statement
condemning the possible use of force in Iraq. According to
Kuwaiti reports, Shaykh Nasser said, Syria, Sudan, Jordan and
Lebanon had all told Musawi not to count on their support.
In addition, the UAE delegate explained that his government
would be acting in a unified position with other GCC states,
not unilaterally. Of the countries Musawi approached, Nasser
said, only Yemen had indicated it might be willing to support
Iraq. The Minister suggested to the Ambassador that the U.S.
might have more weight with Yemen than Kuwait.