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2002-10-01 14:23:00
Embassy Amman
Cable title:  

PLP direct funding initiative

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						UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 02 AMMAN 005650 



E.O. 12958: N/A

SUBJECT: PLP direct funding initiative

1. Amman welcomes this opportunity to submit
proposals for fsi's post language program direct
funding initiative. The current uncertain political
atmosphere in the region has led to an increased
interest among Mission employees and EFM's in gaining
a greater mastery of (or in many cases a simple
familiarity with) the Arabic language. Amman's FY01
and FY 02 PLP direct funding proposals have enabled
the contracting of language instruction services from
a second PLP instructor. This second instructor has
made a significant positive impact on post morale
through instruction of EFMs; OMS's and MSG's, and has
opened an opportunity for language study to many who
had not previously considered it a possibility. In
this year's funding request, post seeks to widen still
further the opportunity for language familiarization
throughout the embassy community, as well as to deepen
language capabilities of our beginner and intermediate
language learners.

2. Classroom Instruction/Field Trips: Post seeks to
retain our additional language instructor, whose
instruction of EFM's OMS's and MSG's has provided a
significant boost to post morale. The language
aptitude of a majority of these students is at or just
above the beginner level. Our second instructor has
developed a creative mix of group classroom
instruction and situational learning opportunities
(including field trips) that post will continue to
encourage in the coming year. Situational learning
opportunities aimed at EFM's have included visits to
grocery stores and other commercial establishments;
rides in taxi cabs; visits to restaurants and other
locales of interest. In addition, OMS's and MSG;s
have their own situational learning needs, including
targeted telephone skills. Current events in the
region require special attention to MSG language
needs. Post language officer has begun work with RSO
to develop a core situational vocabulary and phrase
curriculum that will be incorporated into MSG
instruction for the coming year. We request funding
to support 20 hours of instruction per week, for 48
weeks, at the rate of usd 15.00 per hour (total usd
14,400). We also request transportation costs related
to our excursions at a local rate of usd 5.00 per hour
at four hours per session times 36 sessions for fy 03
(USD 720).

3. Immersion Opportunities: Post would like to
develop an immersion program in conjunction with staff
and administrative resources available at post through
the local Peace Corps program. Jordan is host to the
only Peace Corps chapter in the immediate region, and

the Peace Corps conducts an extensive language
training and immersion program for its yearly group of
volunteers. Post proposes to tap into these resources
to arrange for a limited number of immersion
opportunities for post employees. Given that
immersion experiences require a certain minimum
language requirement, participants in this program are
expected to be at the intermediate level and above.
Post proposes budgeting per diem and administrative
costs for four (4) one-week immersion programs and
four (4) weekend programs for FY 03. Initial
discussions with Peace Corps Director indicate this
idea is realizable at post. For this program, post
calculates 32 total days (5 days for the one-week
program; 3 days for the weekend program) with a usd
14.00 per day stipend to the local family, totalling
usd 448.00.

4. New Materials: To serve our audience of largely
beginner students, post seeks funding for the purchase
of 10 copies of the "Alif Baa" book and tape set.
Priced on, the alif baa sets cost usd 34.95
per copy, times 10 copies equals 349.50. Adding usd
50.00 for shipping/handling leads to a total request
of usd 400.00 for the alif baa books and tapes. In
addition, post seeks funding for one copy of the
interactive "al mumtaz" arabic computer program. Post
was unable to locate cost information for this product
(which is loaded on all fsi language lab computers),
and asks that fsi add the cost of one copy of the
program to the total of this funding proposal.

5. CLO Language Introduction Evenings: In
association with the CLO, post seeks to conduct six
introductory lectures/discussions on the Arabic
language with the broader Embassy community. While
post language programs enjoy strong interest, there
remains a large number of employees and efm's who have
little or no understanding of the arabic language.
Post proposes these introductory sessions, to be
conducted in the evenings as a joint lecture/social
event as a way of acquainting this audience (including
short to long-term TDYers) with the basic elements of
Arabic, to enhance and ease their experience in
Jordan. For this program, post calculates a cost of 3
language instruction hours at usd 15.00 per hour,
times six sessions, totalling usd 270.00
Additionally, post seeks funding of usd 180.00 for
supplies (usd 30.00 per event), for a complete total
of usd 450.00.

6. Language Partners: Post proposes establishing a
language partner program for those employees, efm's;
oms's; and msg's who might benefit from an out-of-
classroom learning experience. These partners would
not be tutors nor would their interaction with post
participants mirror what is done in the classroom.
These partners would provide participants an
opportunity for real-world practice in the language,
in an informal setting. Post seeks funding for ten
hours/week to initiate a language partner program. We
calculate a local rate of usd 7.00 per hour, or usd
70.00 per week, for 48 weeks, totals usd 3360.00.

7. Post calculates an overall total for this
proposal at usd 19,778.00, with the cost of one "al-
mumtaz" computer-based arabic instruction program not

8. Point of contact for this proposal is justin
siberell, a recent graduate of the tunis language
program. hE assumed post language officer
responsibilities in august 2002.