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02AMMAN2954 2002-06-05 12:06:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Amman
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DVC Program on "The Protection of Webs Sites on the

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SUBJECT: DVC Program on "The Protection of Webs Sites on the
Internet": Program Evaluation

1. Summary: In cooperation with the National
Center for Intellectual Property (NCIP), PAS Amman conducted
the third DVC program of a series on IPR on Monday, June 3
at 1400 GMT. Audience consisted of over sixty lawyers,
judges, businessmen, and academicians who displayed great
interest in the topic of discussion.

2. Description of Activity: The 90 minute session took
place in the Public Affair's Auditorium.

3. Date: June 3, 2002; Third Quarter FY-2002

4. Justification and Objectives: The DVC program helped
introduce a number of issues of large concern to the
different professions in our audience, such as law
enforcement in protecting web sites and the advantages of
protecting web sites. Mr. Christopher Merriam underlined
the legitimacy of downloading programs and other material
from the internet. He also emphasised that "IPR fosters the
growth of industries" in particular the music and games
industries which also widely advertise on line.

5. MPP Goal: This program supported the MPP goals on
economic reform and promoting understanding and appreciation
of U.S society and values.

6. Result/impact: Good. The Jordanian audience seemed
pleased with the discussion directed by the four panelists
in the program, Mr. Christopher Merriam, Mr. Stevan
Mitchell, Ms. Maria Luisa Simpson and Mr. Robert Hunter.
They felt that it explained a lot of their queries and
helped clarify certain issues of copyright legitimacy to
them. However, the panelists' talks were rather longwinded,
which led the audience to become fairly bored and restless,
as this session is intended to be interactive.

Mr. Mitchell who was the first to speak introduced the
Interactive Digital Software Association (IDSA) and its role
as a trade association. He mentioned that IDSA is the
private publisher of over thirty games and explained its
role in protecting its' customers' web sites on the internet
and in preventing copyright infringement. Mr. Hunter spoke
about E-businesses such as Napster, which was deactivated.
He compared the downloading of music from it as similar to
stealing a CD from a music store but mentioned that no one
was ever prosecuted for using it. Ms. Simpson spoke of
copyright law in the United States and justified the
rationale behind its evolution. However, she mentioned that
she could not comment further on the implementation of
copyright law in Jordan because each country has its
legislators who decide what laws best fit its economy with
regards to its nature.
Mr. Merriam also touched on the seriousness of copyright
infringement and counterfeiting under U.S. law and mentioned
that counterfeiting is a felony for which a ten year prison
sentence can be ruled, as well as a $2 million fine.
A member of the audience amused by the high technology
discussed throughout the course of the program, commented on
the existence of "cyber cops" saying that "Jordan doesn't
have standard regular cops, let alone cyber cops!" He also
went on to say that much of what was discussed in the
program was invaluable but unfamiliar to most Jordanians.
Him being a U.S. graduate and a regular visitor of IT fairs
in the U.S. and Europe, found that the program unveiled many
new topics related to copyright laws and approaches to the
protection of web sites on the internet.

7. Comments: Three ISDN lines were used to make the
connection. These ISDN lines yielded a very good picture,
resolution and sound. The connection was not obstructed at
all during the program.

8. Quality of Support: Excellent. PAS Amman appreciates the
support of IIP/G/NEA and NEA/PPD. Many thanks go to Ms.
Inga McMichael for her continuous support. We look forward
to future cooperation and success on the last DVC program of
this quarterly series on IPR. GNEHM