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06RABAT697 2006-04-18 09:08:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Rabat
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1. (SBU) Poloffs met April 10 with MFA Director of
International Organizations and UN Affairs Nasser Bourita to
discuss reftel request encouraging Moroccan participation in
upcoming COESPU classes. Poloff delivered to Bourita a copy
of reftel points in non-paper format. In response, Bourita
explained that he was aware of COESPU's letter requesting
Morocco to submit nominees and that the letter had indeed
been sent to the appropriate military office for action.
Bourita noted that the MFA is encouraging the military to
participate in training events, such as COESPU, because he
believes this is the "next generation" of policing
capabilities. Bourita explained that, as of April 10, his
office had yet to be contacted by the Italian Embassy in
Rabat on this subject.

2. (SBU) On April 14 Poloff contacted Italian Embassy DCM
Luca Fratini, who had met April 13 with MFA Bilateral Affairs
Officer Karim Halim to discuss Moroccan participation in
COESPU classes. According to Fratini, Halim reported that he
was working on putting together a list of participants.
Fratini, however, explained to poloff that after his April 13
meeting with Halim the Italian Defense Attache received a
letter from the Moroccan Gendarmerie stating that they would
not be participating in the upcoming COESPU classes. Fratini
said that his embassy is following this topic very closely
and promised to pass any new information to us. Post will
report further responses septel.
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