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06RABAT2259 2006-12-14 12:32:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Rabat
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1. (C) MFA Director General for Middle East and
International Organizations Mohammed Azeroual briefed
Polcouns December 13 on the December 6-8 visit to Morocco of
Iraqi FM Hoshiyar Zebari. Azeroual said Zebari paid a
courtesy call on the Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament
Abdel Wahed Radi and had a working meeting with Foreign
Minister Benaissa.

2. (C) Azeroual said FM Benaissa pledged continuing
Government of Morocco support for the fledgling Iraqi
government. The Moroccan MFA will continue and expand its
program of in-service training for Iraqi diplomats (ref. B).
Although the Iraq Study Group report came out at this time,
Zebari said nothing about the report or about relations with
the USG. He indicated that the national unity government is
determined to persevere and succeed. Azeroual noted,
however, that he understood other Kurdish leaders had heavily
criticized the ISG report. Otherwise, there were no
significant developments or revelations during the visit.

3. (C) Following up on his earlier personal observations
ref. B, Azeroual recalled his experiences with multilateral
Arab diplomacy (including a joint effort with Algeria to help
mediate the Lebanese Civil War). He thought Syria was not as
capable of making trouble as was commonly believed.
Conversely, as a former Ambassador to Iran, he believed
Teheran's appetite and assets for mischief were unlimited.
He did not think the Arab League would be able to make a
significant contribution to a resolution in Iraq; past
efforts had proven fruitless.

4. (U) Polcouns conveyed USG views and passed the executive
summary of the ISG report (reftel A).
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