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06RABAT2206 2006-12-01 16:55:00 UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Embassy Rabat
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1. (SBU) Mission Avian Influenza Working Group met on
November 6 to review guidance in reftel and has worked since
that date to prepare the guidance it recommended and
disseminate it to Mission personnel. An administrative
notice was issued to publicize the most recent M/MED
information on avian influenza, and health unit and
management have reviewed local markets to ensure they can
provide accurate guidance to staff and their families about
how they can maintain sufficient food stocks to
shelter-in-place for up to 12 weeks. We note that in large
measure these recommendations build on material disseminated
postwide earlier this year, though at that time (late
winter/early spring) recommended food supply was limited to 2

2. (SBU) We have also disseminated new warden messages and
information on post's public access website to the general
American community in Morocco, to ensure that we avoid any
hint of a double standard in the manner in which information
is conveyed to the two groups.

3. (SBU) Per reftel, the following is our current assessment
of post's readiness to provide emergency water and to assist
in providing emergency food supplies:

-- Water: water in Rabat and Casablanca is potable, and
bottled water is also readily available in local markets. We
have recommended that staff maintain a one to two week supply
of bottled water, and also keep on hand a gallon of bleach,
which would enable them to treat local water supplies for
consumption should they become contaminated in the event of a
pandemic. For its part, Mission has stockpiled 25 gallons of
bleach as a reserve.

-- Food: canned foods are readily available in Moroccan
supermarkets, and we have recommended that staff keep on hand
an emergency supply meeting Department's recommendations.
Embassy Cooperative Association maintains a medium-sized
commissary that could be used to supplement these supplies in
the event of an emergency.

4. (SBU) Post has also implemented other recommended steps,
including provision of spare parts, review and confirmation
of delegations of authority, etc., and cross-training of
employees. Mission's platform on the topic has been up and
running since early this year.

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