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06RABAT2064 2006-11-06 13:04:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Rabat
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1. (U) Per reftel, Poloff met November 3 with Azzedine
Farhane, Chief of the United Nations Division at the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs, to urge Morocco to fulfill its Article
VII national implementation obligations, including the
implementation of national legislation that criminalizes
activities prohibited under the Chemical Weapons Convention
(CWC). Farhane was accompanied by UN Division Disarmament
officer Siham Mourabit. Farhane explained that Morocco's
latest draft text of the implementing legislation had
recently been finalized by the Ministry of Justice and
approved by Morocco's National Authority, which since January
2005 has been the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Note: Prior
to January 2005 the Ministry of Trade and Industry was
responsible for the National Authority and CWC
implementation. End Note.) According to Farhane, the draft
text of the legislation is currently with the Government's
Secretary General awaiting approval. Farhane added that once

the Secretary General approves the draft text, the
legislation will then be sent to the Council of Government
(chaired by the Prime Minister), then to the Council of
Ministers (chaired by the King), followed by the Parliament
for adoption. Once adopted by the Parliament, the
legislation must be published in the official bulletin before
going into effect. Poloff left behind reftel talking points
as a non-paper with Farhane.

2. (U) Mourabit added that the MFA was currently in the
final stages of developing Morocco's national plan, which she
hoped would be delivered to the OPCW at December's meeting.
Mourabit, however, hinted that Morocco may need more time
since the plan will require interagency review.

3. (U) In closing, Mourabit explained that Morocco is
preparing for the Sixth Review Conference of BWC States
Parties scheduled to begin November 20 and wondered what
position the United States will take at the meeting. Post
would appreciate any information that could be passed to the
GOM regarding the U.S. position.

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