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06RABAT1793 2006-09-26 18:01:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Rabat
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1. (U) This is an action message. Please see paragraph 6.

2. (C) On September 25, poloffs notified the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs of the USG's intent to repatriate Moroccan
detainee Ben Moujan and the request to refuel the aircraft en
route to other destinations (reftel). Counselor for
Bilateral Affairs and Counterterrorism Karim Halim welcomed
the proposal and offered that the transfer and refueling
should not pose any problems for the GOM.

3. (C) Halim underlined that GOM concurrence would be
predicated on the condition that other detainees on the
aircraft not disembark at any point during the transfer.
Halim stressed that the USG should provide as much advance
notice as possible, preferably no less than four days. Halim
also asked for more information about how long the aircraft
would remain on the ground.

4. (C) Halim suggested that the aircraft land at Rabat-Sale
airport, which is "more discreet and private" than
Casablanca. Halim noted that after his arrival, Ben Moujan
would appear before a court in Rabat competent to handle
terrorism cases.

5. (C) For the moment, Halim will be the GOM's point of
contact on this matter. He noted that the Ministry of
Interior would become involved at a later date and would
likely provide a point of contact as well. Embassy will
provide any updates septel.

6. (C) Action request: In keeping with the GOM's requests,
Embassy Rabat asks that Washington Agencies ensure that we
can provide the GOM with no less than 96 hours advance notice
of the date and modalities of the transfer.

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