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06RABAT1635 2006-09-05 13:43:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Rabat
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1. (C) A/Polcouns met on September 4 with Hassan Hami,
Director of the Office of Arab and International
Organizations Affairs at the Moroccan Foreign Ministry, to
urge that the GOM use the occasion of the Arab League meeting
in Cairo to press for implementation of UNSCR 1701, to
support the transition from the African Union peacekeeping
mission in Darfur to one led by the UN, and to urge that
Morocco support Guatemala's candidacy for the rotating UNSC
seat, drawing from points conveyed reftel.

2. (C) Hami advised that Foreign Minister Benaissa will not
be traveling to Cairo. (Note: Russian President Putin
arrives in Morocco on September 6. End note.) Morocco's
delegation to the Arab League meeting in Cairo will instead
be led by Mohammed Azeroual, Director-General of Arab and
International Organizations affairs at the MFA.

3. (C) On Lebanon, Hami noted that the GOM was among the
first Arab states to offer material and political support to
PM Seniora's government and stressed that it would continue
to do so. Hami confirmed that the GOM was reviewing the
list of needs prepared by the Lebanese Armed Forces and would
make whatever contributions it could. No decisions have been
made regarding possible Moroccan participation in UNIFIL, he

4. (C) On UNGA, Hami doubted that Morocco would support
Venezuela's candidacy, noting that Venezuela has been
"unhelpful" on the issue of Western Sahara. "We know who our
friends are, and Venezuela has not been very friendly on
issues important to us," he stated.

5. (C) On Sudan, Hami recalled the previous Arab League
extraordinary summit in Khartoum, which focused on Darfur,
and expected that the GOM would adhere to AL consensus

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