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06RABAT133 2006-01-25 15:54:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Rabat
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1. (C) As instructed reftels, Ambassador called on Moroccan
Deputy FM Taieb Fassi Fihri on January 19 to seek Moroccan
support for US goals on UN reform. The Ambassador underlined
that UN reform was an important issue for the US, and he was
raising the issue at a senior level on instruction from
Washington. Fassi Fihri was joined by incoming MFA Director
for UN Affairs Nasser Bourita, while Ambassador was joined by

2. (C) Fassi Fihri responded that Morocco was "one hundred
percent" behind US thinking on the Human Rights Council
(HRC). Fassi Fihri stressed this was not "mechanical"
support for the US. Morocco firmly believed a new HRC would
be a positive development. He believed that Moroccan Perm
Rep Bennouna had previously indicated Moroccan support to
Ambassador Bolton. Bourita noted that Morocco was a member
of the current Human Rights Commission and was looking at how
best to implement reform and enhance the work of the HRC in a
substantive way.

3. (C) Fassi Fihri asked about the US position on the
expansion of the Security Council. Polcouns responded that
the US was open to a modest expansion of the Security
Council, provided the new countries were qualified and had
strong records in core UN areas, including contributing to
peacekeeping operations. We had already expressed our
support for a permanent seat for Japan but had not taken a
position for or against any other country. Bourita said
Morocco had received a paper from India concerning its
interest in a seat on the Security Council.

4. (C) Bourita noted that Morocco was very involved in
efforts to stand up the Peacekeeping Commission, and was
following the issue very closely.

5. (C) The Ambassador left behind the points in non-paper
format on the range of issues discussed in reftels. Bourita
told Polcouns he welcomed the opportunity to discuss the
issues further if we desired.
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