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05RABAT1810 2005-08-26 17:06:00 CONFIDENTIAL Embassy Rabat
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1. (U) This is an action request. See para 3.

2. (C) On the margins of a meeting with MFA Bilateral
Affairs Officer Karim Halim on August 26, and drawing on
Reftel, Poloffs inquired about Morocco's stated offer to
establish a NATO documentation center in Rabat. Halim said
that he was aware that the center had been discussed and
agreed upon within the MFA, but that the Ministry still
needed to decide on a location and what the contents of such
a documentation center would be. The MFA library is one
possible locale for the center, Halim said; however, the
library is not currently large enough to facilitate
conferences and/or seminars. Ultimately, Halim said, the
Minister will make the decision. Halim inquired how
interested the USG is in the center, leaving Poloffs with the
impression that USG interest might make the documentation
center come to fruition sooner.

3. (C) Action request: Post would appreciate guidance from
the Department or USNATO on whether Embassy should continue
to raise the idea of establishing a NATO documentation center
in Rabat with Moroccan officials. Given the GOM's apparent
interest in expanding ties to NATO, we would be prepared to
raise other issues pertaining to Moroccan participation in
NATO activities or Med Dialogue as well.