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2005-02-15 18:21:00
Embassy Paris
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Tags:   PREL  HA  XL  FR  UNSC 
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UNCLAS PARIS 000965 SIPDIS E.O. 12958: N/A TAGS: PREL HA XL FR UNSC SUBJECT: FRENCH SUPPORT FOR HAITIAN ELECTIONS REF: STATE 25232 Poloff delivered reftel points to DAS-equivalent for Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean Gilles Bienvenu and Haiti Desk Officer Pierre Filatoff on February 15. Bienvenu stated that the GOF shared both the U.S. assessment of the situation and the goal of successful elections. He noted that as a result of a more productive relationship between the IGOH and MINUSTAH, improved security, and the disbursement of aid funds, the Haitian population is starting to believe that things are improving. This is the reason, Bienvenu reinforced, that the planned ministerial level meeting in Cayenne was important -- by choosing several projects where funds could be quickly deployed and results could be seen, confidence in the IGOH and international community would be maintained. Bienvenu met with Leslie Manigat during a recent visit to France by the former Haitian President, who echoed the improved sentiment among Haitians and stated that the solution to Haiti's problems is the political process and goes through elections. Finally, Bienvenu indicated that France will contribute to the elections through the EU, though such funds were most likely to go through the UN rather than the OAS. Leach