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2005-05-16 18:17:00
Embassy Kingston
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Request for DVC Speaker for World Oceans Day/World

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						UNCLAS KINGSTON 001274 



E.O. 12958: N/A
SUBJECT: Request for DVC Speaker for World Oceans Day/World
Environment Day on Coral Reef Preservation

1. SUMMARY: Post seeks a DVC speaker to discuss the issue
of coral reef conservation for a program around the date of
World Oceans Day, June 8, 2005. This would also tie in with
celebrations of World Environment Day, June 5, 2005. END

2. Proposed Program Date: Preferred dates June 8 to 10,


3. MPP Theme: Strategic Goal "Social and Environment

4. Purpose of the Program: Post seeks a speaker to
participate in discussions focusing on coral reef
preservation, especially in the Caribbean region; with a
particular focus on how land-based activities affect the
health of coral reefs.

Coral reefs in Jamaica and across the Caribbean are under
constant pressure from human activities. Poor land
management practices, such as the use of agricultural
fertilizers, inadequate disposal of solid waste and
pollution of the water table, are affecting Jamaica's reefs.
Over-fishing and "dynamite fishing" are also major local
concerns that actually encourage the growth of algae, which
smother corals.

The health of coral reefs is vital to the region's fragile
tourism industry and to its economy. Jamaica depends on its
"sun, sea and sand" image to attract the tourists who bring
much-needed foreign exchange. Stakeholders in the tourism
industry - hotel owners, dive boat operators, craft vendors
- all depend either directly or indirectly on the coral
reef, besides fishermen themselves.

The purpose of the program is to heighten awareness of the
impact of environmental degradation on a vital component of
Jamaica's economy, and to help them understand the role that
they can play in protecting their precious natural

Post will arrange a "pre-DVC" session to include short
presentations on the topic from local environmentalists and
USAID representatives. This will pave the way for a
fruitful discussion with our guest in the United States.

5. Audience: Representatives of NGOs and CBOs, especially
those working in the environmental field; public sector
representatives of GOJ environmental agencies;
representatives of the tourism industry, including those
working on "green tourism" programs; students who are
members of school environmental clubs; members of the media.

6. Proposed topics and nature of events: A digital video
conference with the audience in the U.S. Embassy's Public
Affairs Auditorium (maximum 50). Suggested length of
program: 90 minutes.

7. Type of specialist required: A spokesperson from a USG
agency such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA), which administers the Coral Gardens
Initiative under the White Water to Blue Water program with
Counterpart International, as well as its own Coral Reef
Conservation Program; or a research institution such as the
Florida Marine Research Institute, Earthwatch Institute or
the Coral Reef Alliance. The speaker should not be too
highly "technical" and should be able to explain the issue
in layman's terms.

8. Language: English.

9. Funding specifics: I Bucks.

10. Post program officer: Glenn Guimond, PAO; tel: (876) 935-
6053; fax: (876) 929-3637; Back-
up program officer: Emma Lewis, PAA, tel: (876) 935-6009;
fax: (876) 929-3637; email: