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05BRASILIA1672 2005-06-23 13:48:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Brasilia
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					  UNCLAS BRASILIA 001672 


E.O. 12958: N/A

REF: A. STATE 114051

B. STATE 111657

1. (SBU) On June 22, Poloffs delivered reftel points to Human
Rights Division Deputy Director Marcia Ramos at the Brazilian
Ministry of External Relations (MRE). Ramos reviewed our
points with interest and agreed that the UNCHR was in need of
reform. Ramos told Poloffs that the GOB is in favor of
creating a legitimate UN human rights council to elevate the
importance of human rights worldwide, and to eliminate
selectivity and politicization in the CHR.

2. (SBU) Although Ramos could not respond to every point we
presented, she highlighted the following points:

--The GOB is in favor of creating a human rights council,
which would be a sheltered body to stress the importance of
human rights in the United Nations. Based on the GOB's
interpretation of SYG Kofi Annan's proposal, the new council
would be at the same level as ECOSOC and the Security Council
to give leverage to human rights groups.

--The GOB adamantly believes that peer review is necessary to
eliminate selectivity and politicization in the council.
Ramos emphasized that the GOB is in favor of a legitimate,
independent body to evaluate the human rights situation in
all countries and peer review will allow this to happen. The
GOB will propose that the new council collaborate with the
OHCHR on a global report on human rights. (NB: The GOB has
been pushing, unsuccessfully, for the publication of such a
report since 1996.)

--Ramos stated that the GOB has no position yet on the
elimination of the Subcommission for the Promotion and
Protection of Human Rights.

--The GOB is neither for nor against eliminating the country
resolution system, but is interested in seeing how this
system will fit in the framework of the future council.

--Ramos stated that the GOB wants to maintain the
Commission's current composition in the new council. She
then said that the GOB is "actually not very attached it."
According to Ramos, the GOB is willing to evaluate other
proposals, though Brazil is opposed to a universal membership
proposal supported by Singapore.

--The GOB is not in favor of imposing election criteria for
membership into the new council, arguing that all countries
should be eligible for membership since no country has a
clean human rights record. Allowing membership access to all
countries, Ramos said, would bring objectivity to the
council. The GOB also believes that the new council should
have equitable geographical representation.

--The GOB is also in favor of increasing the OHCHR's budget,
and giving the council flexibility in determining how best to
allocate funds by unearmarking voluntary donations.

2. (SBU) Ramos mentioned the high-level meeting, which will
be held in Puebla, Mexico, June 30-July 1, to formulate a
working paper for the plenary meeting in New York in
September. She requested more information about who will
represent the USG at this meeting because the GOB will soon
create its delegation.