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05ALGIERS1590 2005-08-01 16:48:00 UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY Embassy Algiers
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1. The Algerian media reported July 31 the text of
President Bouteflika's July 30 message to Moroccan King
Mohammed VI on the occasion of the Throne Day holiday.
Bouteflika expressed "his warmest congratulations and dearest
wishes" to the king, praying that God protect him and grant
him health and happiness. Bouteflika similarly wished
Morocco prosperity and well-being under the king's
leadership. The message went on to reiterate Bouteflika's
determination to "strengthen solidarity and promote
cooperation" between Algeria and Morocco and to build
relations "based on the historic ties that unite the two
peoples and mutual respect."

2. (SBU) Comment: We note that Bouteflika's warm message
echoed similar sentiments expressed by King Mohammed in his
congratulatory message on the occasion of Algerian national
day July 5, but it contrasted sharply with harsh comments
reportedly expressed by the king in his Throne Day speech to
his own people. At least two GOA ministers and a number of
senior MFA officials and parliamentarians attended the
Moroccan national day reception hosted by Ambassador Benryane
in Algiers July 30. Benryane's garden wall featured a large
photo of Bouteflika and King Mohammed embracing during the
Algiers Arab summit last March. Algerian guests at the
reception commented to us that Algerians and Moroccans get
along extremely well, even if their governments do not.