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04DJIBOUTI579 2004-04-19 05:16:00 UNCLASSIFIED Embassy Djibouti
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OBC Survey Re Driver's License Requirements

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					UNCLAS DJIBOUTI 000579 



E.O. 12958: N/A
SUBJECT: OBC Survey Re Driver's License Requirements

Ref. State 75561

1. Post submits the following responses to OBC's survey.

A. No. International Driving Permit is not required.

B. A U.S. driver's license is accepted for personnel with a
diplomatic passport.

C. Not applicable

D. U.S. license is acceptable as long as the individual has
valid diplomatic status. The validity date of the driver's
license is equal to the employee's Djiboutian diplomatic visa.

E. No additional documentation or local testing is required.

F. Not applicable

G. No

H. The host country has a fuel called `Super' that cannot be
considered `Unleaded' according to American standards. It is
a leaded mixture gasoline (octane rate: 93). The Ministry of
Energy announced it would discontinue importation of leaded
gasoline but we have not been provided an exact time frame.

I. The catalytic converter should be removed prior to arriving
at post.

J. Some clients use American companies for comprehensive
insurance. For the third party liability portion, there is a
reputable local insurance company for clients.

K. Local insurance costs vary according to the vehicle make
and horse power (from USD 270 to 1,525 per annum).