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2004-10-13 08:33:00
Embassy Djibouti
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						UNCLAS SECTION 01 OF 02 DJIBOUTI 001313 




E.O. 12958: N/A
SEP 2004

REF: STATE 48834


1. Summary of Significant Events


A. Narrative Overview of Significant Events

1. (U) RSO took R&R during the third quarter at which time
TDY RSO Jeff Pursell filled in for the majority of time while
ARSO James Jewett (Kampala) filled the gap for the last two
weeks. RSO would like to acknowledge the outstanding support
provided by both TDY RSOs, particularly the wealth of
experience and knowledge that RSO Pursell shared with the
Embassy and US Military personnel. Details of RSO Pursell's
TDY were forwarded to DS/IP/AF upon departure.

2. (SBU) RSO Continues to work very closely with Host Nation
counterparts and representatives of the Terrorist
Interdiction Program to finalize the implementation of the
program. Technical setbacks have taken a toll on the
project, but completion is at approximately 90%. Final
implementation is expected to be completed by 12/2004.

In addition to the TIP/PISCES team, RSO supported other
visitors to Post to include:

- 07/24 to 07/26 - EDP Trainer, Kirk Baumann, for training
and maintenance of detection equipment
- 07/26 to 08/04 - Regional FMO, Felipe Cayabyab, for
facilities review
- 08/04 to 08/07 - STS John McKenna to repair technical
security equipment.
- 08/08 to 08/10 - CODEL Payne
- 08/09 to 08/09 - CENTCOM CMDR - General Abizaid
- 08/16 to 08/19 - Ship visit by the USS Denver
- 08/23 to 08/23 - CODEL Miller

3. (SBU) RSO has not received any reports of attacks on
Americans during this quarter. As reported before, RSO and
embassy personnel continue to monitor crime trends and RSO
continues to work closely with host nation police to ensure
the safety of all personnel. Reports of petty theft, fraud,
assault, battery, sexual deviation, and unlawful trade
continue to be reported informally. Two violent crimes
occurred within the city limits in the last month of the
quarter, but neither crime was aimed at Americans. One of
the crimes involved two French military soldiers being
stabbed by a Djiboutian national. Host Nation Police have
concluded that the incident was the result of alcohol abuse.

4. (U) The First session of the International Law Enforcement
Academy (ILEA), Law Enforcement Executive Development Program
(LEEDP) began during the third quarter. 10 members of the
Djiboutian government participated in session 12 of the
LEEDP. RSO received positive comments from senior leadership
as to the professionalism of ILEA staff and the extensive
curriculum of the ILEA.

B. Mission Wide Emergency Action Drills:

1. Chancery: Although Post did not conduct traditional
Embassy wide drills during this quarter, Post continues to
develop and carry out emergency response drills with U.S.
Military elements assigned to assist the mission in case of a
crisis. Several scenarios were acted out that took into
consideration the need for U.S. Military components to assist
the RSO in providing a defensive posture for the Chief of
Mission as well as strengthening the physical security of the
compound. The USMC's Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team
(FAST) out of Bahrain, conducted an exercise aimed at
securing the compound and enhancing existing Mission

(a) Bomb Drill - Projected for 4th Qtr
(b) Fire Drill - Projected for 4th Qtr
(c) Emergency Destruction Drill - projected for 4th Qtr
(d) D&C Drill - 03/18/2004

2. Constituent posts: Not applicable.

3. MSG activities: Not applicable.


2. Threats and incidents:


A. (SBU) Post did not convene the EAC during the 3rd
quarter. Post continues to be rated as critical for
trans-national terrorism. RSO and other EMBOFFs continue to
work closely with Host nation counter parts to monitor
activity and strengthen cooperation. RSO is working closely
with DS, ORA, US Military and FBI personnel to monitor and
coordinate threat reporting.

B. Constituent posts: Not applicable


3. DS initiated investigations:


Number of cases generated by headquarters offices:

opened closed pending overdue

1. PSS (3) (3) (0) (0)

2. VF (0) (0) (0) (0)

3. PF (0) (0) (0) (0)

4. CIL (0) (0) (0) (0)

5. PR (0) (0) (0) (0)

6. CI (0) (0) (0) (0)

7. PII (0) (0) (0) (0)

Number of cases generated by post:

1. Post FSN/PSC (12) (10) (2) (0)

2. Other Agency RFAS (0) (0) (0) (0)

3. Host Govt RFAS (0) (0) (0) (0)

4. RSO Criminal (0) (0) (0) (0)


4. Action cables/e-mails not answered by DS:


04 Djibouti 658 - Request for immediate assignment of ARSO
04 Djibouti 908 - Host Government request for Scanners and
Metal Detectors


5. Summary of separate reports:


A. CIWG report: 01/05/04 - 04 Djibouti 00010

B. Emergency action plans: completed and distributed by DS
on 12/19/2001 via 02 State 217606. Next full revision of the
EAP is due 06/05. An update of the EAP is projected for 4th
Qtr 2004.

C. Security surveys:
Chancery - 02 March 2003
Warehouse - 02 March 2003
EMR - 02 March 2003

D. Procedural security survey: 01/12/03

E. Comprehensive SPE inventory: 03/09/04 Djibouti 332 (C)

F. RSO quarterly travel report: N/A

G. DSS overseas firearms qualification policy: RSO
re-qualified 15 November 2003 during the MTT visit (03
Djibouti 2140).