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2004-05-06 15:31:00
Embassy Bratislava
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						UNCLAS  BRATISLAVA 000463 



E.O. 12958: N/A

REF: STATE 27344

1. Post received May 6 a letter dated May 4 from Slovak
President Schuster (who leaves office June 15) to
President Bush, and transmits text per reftel.

Begin text:

President of the Slovak Republic

Bratislava, 4 May 2004

Your Excellency,

In connection with my forthcoming departure from the
office of head of state, which I have held since June
1999, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you
in recognition of your exceptional contribution to the
development of Slovak-American relationships during this
period thanks to your good will towards Slovakia and its

I consider the past five years of our mutual relations to
have been an exceptionally productive time, thanks in
part to our direct personal dialogue. In this I see a
good basis for the future and it is my belief that you
will also continue to develop and enhance the ties of
mutual solidarity with my successor to this office,
particularly since we have recently become a member
country of the North Atlantic Alliance.

It is with pleasure that I look back on our meetings,
which were held in the spirit of friendship and supported
my opinion of you as a great leader and a man of
decisions. It is my belief that history will objectively
judge all of your personal and political actions which
you have undertaken during your term of office in one of
the most important positions in world politics. One of
the most debated decisions was the military intervention
in Iraq and the toppling of the dictatorial regime of
Saddam Hussein. I am convinced that this action was
justified, and history will show the correctness of this
decision. I know from personal experience that those who
take brave and pioneering decisions seldom receive
acknowledgment at the time. It is only after an
appropriate interval, when passion subsides and reality
resurfaces, that the scales tip in their favour.

Your Excellency, I would also like to take this
opportunity to acknowledge the high quality of the
successful mission of the Ambassador of the United States
of America to the Slovak Republic, Mr. Ronald Weiser, who
undertook a great deal of work for the development of
Slovak-American cooperation in all areas of our joint
interests. I would like to emphasise that the Ambassador
had a significant role in the exceptional development of
Slovak-American relations and political dialogue, which
thanks to his endeavours reached a level of intensity and
quality which they had never previously attained. I
particularly value his work in the area of the
development of economic cooperation and in the
presentation of business and investment opportunities in
Slovakia for American businessmen. I am greatly
appreciative of the productive contacts of Ambassador
Weiser with Slovak constitutional bodies, his untiring
work meeting citizens from all the regions of Slovakia
and his excellent preparation which enabled him to better
understand Slovakia. I would like to state that I
consider him to be one of the very best ambassadors with
which I have had the opportunity to cooperate.

I should like in conclusion, Your Excellency, to assure
you that I remain an ardent supporter of the systematic
development of Slovak-American relations. I shall also
continue to support you in the fight against
international terrorism and the defence of human rights
worldwide. I am certain that your eminent qualities and
professional attributes will again ensure your victory in
the forthcoming presidential elections, and in this
regard I would like to express my personal support to
you. I would consider it as an honour, if we maintained
our good personal contacts in the future.

In conclusion, I would like to express to you my deepest
respect and I also wish you and your dear wife Laura all
the best.

His Excellency

George W. Bush
President of the United States of America


End text.