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2001-12-21 13:45:00
Embassy Abuja
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Tags:   PTER  ASEC  NI 
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UNCLAS ABUJA 003265 SIPDIS E.O. 12958: N/A TAGS: PTER ASEC NI SUBJECT: NIGERIA: ANTI-TERRORISM EFFORTS REF: A. A) STATE 211157 ¶B. B) STATE 210672 On December 20, POLCOUNS delivered the demarches on the ECOWAS Summit and the Terrorist Exclusion List(TEL) to West Africa Minister-Counselor Folu Ogunbanwo at the MFA. (For the past two weeks, the MFA has been depleted of our regular contacts, who were either in New York or on leave for the holidays.) Acknowledging the need to make anti-terrorism a key part of the Summit, Ogunbanwo promised to relay our concerns to the Nigerian delegation in Dakar, especially our urging that the West Africans overcome the linguistic divide hampering the GIABA's development as an effective anti-money laundering organization. Ogunbanwo also accepted the TEL, assuring that it would get wide distribution within the GON. Andrews